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2008 GEA, City Zen Records/Kindred Spirits/& Records
2006 La Ninja, Plug Research
2005 Manzanita, Plug Research Records
2002 The Golden State, Sony/Columbia Records
2001 Zeroone, City Zen Records
1999 Come Out of Your Mine, The Communion Label
1997 The Ewe & the Eye, Xmas Records/City Zen reissue
Manzanita Plug Research, 2005

1. The Way
2. What if We Do?
3. My Room is White
4. The Last Night of Winter*
5. Muscle, Bone & Blood
6. Casa Nova
7. Luna Lune
8. Tongue-tied
9. Deep at Sea
10. I Gave You My Home

Mia’s fifth album, Manzanita, marked her return to the indie world. It was produced in collaboration with longtime friends, Brent Rademaker and Rob Campanella. While some songs were reserved for just her voice and guitar or piano, others feature cameo appearances by members of Dead Meadow, Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the entire band Future Pigeon. It was released on the community-based label, Plug Research, in February 2005, and Mia toured the US and Europe much of that year.
Mia Doi Todd - Nylon and Acoustic Guitar, Piano and Vocals
Rob Campanella - Electric Guitar, Dulcimer, Piano and Mandolin
Brent Rademaker - Electric Bass and Guitar
Hunter Crowly - Drums on tracks 1 & 9
Jason Simon - Electric and Acoustic Guitars on track 1
Steve Kille - Electric Bass II on track 1
Chris Gunst - Electric Guitar on track 2
Farmer Dave Scherr - Lap Steel I on track 2
Neal Casal - Lap Steel II on track 2
Rick Menck - Drums and Percussion on tracks 2 & 4
Nelson Bragg - Hand Drums and Percussion on tracks 3 & 4
Ben Knight - Electric and Acoustic Guitars on track 4
Julie Carpenter - Cello and Violin on track 4
Future Pigeon, track 5: Jason Mason - electric guitar
Jeff Cairns - Electric Guitar, Danny Preston - Piano & Organ
Liam Philpot - Saxophone, Slim Zwerling - Trumpet also on track 4
Lindsay Glover - drums, Brandon Wells - Percussion, Ed Ruscha - Electric Bass
Produced by Brent Rademaker, Rob Campanella and Mia Doi Todd
Recorded by Rob Campanella in spring 2004 at VisionQuest Studios, Los Angeles, CA
except track #5 recorded by Mia in summer 2003 at the Chateau des Chats, LA
Mastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering